Richard Alteus
Richard Alteus was born in Port Au Prince, Haiti to Jacques (now deceased) and Germaine Alteus. He is sixth of eight children. He migrated to the United States and resided in Delray Beach, Florida. He is a proud citizen of the United States of America.
He was raised in a Christian home, which recognized the importance of integrity and moralistic values. His parents impressed upon him the importance of a positive and constant work ethic.
Richard attained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology from Florida Atlantic University and a minor in Biology.
He has been employed as a police officer for the City of Riviera Beach and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. He is presently employed by the Department of Children and Families as an Adult Protective Investigator in Palm Beach County.
Richard has volunteered his time and knowledge regarding educating the youth in his community the consequences of making poor decisions that cost them their freedom. He encouraged parents not to give up on their children because they may have been incarcerated. He has worked tirelessly to help parents with their kids in the community.
He garnered incredible friendships and support through his work for this community. With the support of his wife, friends and family, he decided it was time to put his years of experience to work for you.
As your City Commissioner, Richard’s goal is to lead the city in a different and new direction. He hopes to accomplish this by:
Reducing many drug-related crimes, especially in our African-American communities.
Establishing additional recreation and community centers for the youth.
Making available more mentoring programs for wayward youths.
Improving the programs of the Sober Homes by implementing more restrictions which will aid the attendees in long term recovery.
Reducing community over development which will decrease traffic in neighborhoods.
Increasing more law enforcement patrols in the community.
Seeking funding to establish an adult daycare facility for the elderly and disabled.
Making the community more aware of sexual offenders in their neighborhoods.