Sober Home
Delray Beach sober homes is one of the biggest problem in the city and is out of control in our neighborhoods. Sober homes are taking over the city. We need to do something to decrease halfway houses in the city of Delray Beach. Homeowners are frustrated because they feel that they are living under siege from a secret invasion of sober homes. They think the city is unsafe for their children to be outdoors. SunSentinel reported there were 88 heroin overdoses in October, including 11 people who died. The majority of the overdoses are people who live in halfway houses. Young children are living among drug addicts and alcoholics and are finding needles in the parks. People are afraid to walk down their street at night or let their children ride their bikes during the day because the city is not safe. There has been an increase in burglaries in neighborhoods that have sober homes. The City of Delray Beach needs to move in a new direction for our children.
2015: 195
2016: 290
2015: 10
2016: 28
Public Safety
Public safety is a critical issue throughout the city, especially when it comes to safe routes for children to travel home after school, pedestrian safety, and making sure our neighborhoods are safe for families. As a former law enforcement officer, I know how to work with the community and law enforcement to create policies and solutions that keep residents safe. For the past years crimes have increased in the city of Delray Beach. Drugs have increased in our neighborhoods. We need to have more community policing to control crimes. I will continue to work together with our community to ensure the safety of your family and property. I will continue to do everything possible as city of Delray Beach Commission to ensure the protection and safety of our residents